Real Property Dispute Practice

  • Obtained summary judgment dismissing all claims against Greka Oil & Gas, Inc., brought by one of the lessors on oil and gas leases in Orange County, seeking to terminate the leases and environmental remediation of the property
  • Settled breach of contract action related to non-California real estate financing transaction
  • Obtained a multi-million dollar verdict for our clients, commercial real estate investors, following a three-week jury trial. The defendant was found to have negligently failed to deliver supplemental escrow instructions to the seller which caused a multi-million apartment building transaction to fall apart. We also successfully defended the verdict on appeal.
  • Obtained a multi-million judgment for our clients, the Bankruptcy Estate of James D. Baker and Florida Asset Financing Corporation, in a real estate dispute involving a Garden Grove Rehabilitation Facility. The Bankruptcy Trustee overseeing the case wrote: “Without a doubt, you have accomplished one of the finest results I have seen in over 46 years of the practice of law.” We successfully defended the verdict on appeal before the Ninth Circuit.
  • Obtained a complete plaintiff’s victory for our a real estate developer following arbitration of a bad faith insurance action.